Freitag, 13. März 2009

Corsets And Pantalettes

Adorable latex underwear and corsets by Artificed Clothing.
Oh la la - 19th century underwear and corsets. Pantalettes, a little chemise and a waist-cincher look cute and sexy. Ooh oui! Those frivolous Cancan-dancers, throwing up their legs and showing their knickers, which were open (!).
Pantalettes, end of 19th-century drawers, were two single baggy trouser legs, connected to a waist-belt. It was actually the first time in history, were women were allowed to wear pants. Ladies wanted to cover their legs, if the skirt should lift. But of course they were not able to take them off, caged into corset and crinoline as they were. So it was more practical with open drawers if they had to go to the ladies...
An early kind of slip-ouvert. Prudish victorian times ;)

Me getting tight laced... underwear and corset are own design.

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Belle hat gesagt…

hi! The 2nd last pic is hilarious!
... and the underwear and corset are own design?!
that's so cool!