Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

Witchcraft And Sorcery

Just in time for Halloween, I found this film via Coilhouse. It's called "Häxan" and is a documentary about the belief in witchcraft, about superstition and mass-hysteria, from 1922. You can find the full-length film here.

It's a Swedish-Danish cooperation and one of the most expensive films produced in Scandinavia at that time. The film was banned in the U.S. and heavily censored in many countries because of violence, nudity and sexual depravity. Häxan is full of historical and social details and, on the other side, a visual and artistic gem. Have fun!

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

Picnic Pics

This photo editorial from the W Magazine was called "Sunday in the park". Ooooh yes, that's how I would like to spend my Sunday afternoon ;)
Wonderful shots by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

Bold Accessories

I found these pictures via Fashion156. And I was happy to find three of my favourite (accessory) designers featured there: Piers Atkinson, Fred Butler and Timothy James Andrews. The awesome, over-dimensional accessories of Timothy James Andrews. And look at those shoes!!!
Bright colors and origami-design... of course it's Fred Butler who made this fierce shoulder- and headpiece.
Love the colors!!!
A Barbie-headpiece by my favourite mad hatter Piers Atkinson

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

The Surreal and Disturbing World Of Michael Hussar

Hussar describes his work as "a voyeuristic snapshot of perceived humanity, complete with freaks and fakery; a gothic wonderland illuminating the gray area between truths and lies."
Rich, dark, sensual, provocative, dirty, fascinating... all that is Michael Hussar.

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009

The Marks We Choose

This is about the Moko, the Maori face-tattoo. An unique and beautiful art of facial adornment with all it's inherent meanings and symbolism. Tattoos are the keys to our culture, our beliefs, ourselves.

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Angels of decadence

Shades of white, grey and silver, and then again bright, juicy colors; a mixture of Russian folklore and turn-of-century-decadence... Asta Nielsen meets the Baba Jaga. Galliano's A/W09 collection is a fairytale, a vision of fantasy and beauty, a playful journey through exotic and historical areas.

Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

Paul Seville - Leathermania

Paul Seville is an absolutely wonderful Irish leather-designer. He makes accessories like masks, belts, corsets, but also whips and other erotically toys and treasuries. It's always beautifully designed and crafted, with a lot of tension to the details. He has made show-pieces for Lagerfeld, Westwood, Givenchy, MacQueen, and lots of other designers. His signature piece is the bubble-belt and -mask. You can find some of his Boudoir Collection pieces at Coco de Mer.

Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

Illustrated Vans

Cute little project by Shannon Palmer for the Uh Huh Her tagging contest.

In Chains With Fannie Schiavoni

Beautiful, somehow archaic, handmade chain-accessories (also custom-made!) by the Swedish fashion-designer Fannie Schiavoni. She lives and works in London.
A little DIY inspiration for all you warriors and knights. Or check out the stockists in London.

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

Fashion-Photography Of The Past

Henri Manuel (1874-1947) was a french photographer. Beside making photos of the world of politics, arts and culture, he was one of the first fashion-photographers. He worked for Chanel, Poiret or Lanvin.
Woman wearing orange arab silk and lace afternoon dress designed by Zimmermann, photographed by Henri Manuel, from French periodical LES MODES.

Woman modeling emboidered green velvet, lace-trimmed toilette de visite (or fancy bathrobe) designed by Drecoll, photographed by Henri Manuel, in French periodical LES MODES.


Ladies 1910

Little Boy

Paris Opera Ballet

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

Dark Visions By Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 09

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

The Most Beautiful Woman In The Universe

Who is the most beautiful lady in the universe? Science fiction movies and series have brought out some hmm... interesting ideas about female style from outer space. From Barbarella to Princess Leia, from Ltd Uhura to Padmé Amidala, here is a little view into futuristic fashion.

Star Trek

Star Wars

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Wars

Barbarella-like fashion shot for GQ