Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

Paul Seville - Leathermania

Paul Seville is an absolutely wonderful Irish leather-designer. He makes accessories like masks, belts, corsets, but also whips and other erotically toys and treasuries. It's always beautifully designed and crafted, with a lot of tension to the details. He has made show-pieces for Lagerfeld, Westwood, Givenchy, MacQueen, and lots of other designers. His signature piece is the bubble-belt and -mask. You can find some of his Boudoir Collection pieces at Coco de Mer.


kai wegner hat gesagt…

Du hast wirklich ein Auge...und ein Herz..!!!

marie hat gesagt…

ooohh danke!!! ich würde immer noch gern mal was von dir hier zeigen... wie wäre es?! :)