Montag, 2. März 2009

Antonio Nodal - Art, Passion, Energy

Sometimes in life you meet people, who directly connect to your soul. A person who makes you wake up and think: "Yes! That's what it's all about."
When me and my friends went to Seville for a day, we needed a place to stay, and Antonio offered us a real home. It became an evening soo beautiful... with lots of new blossoming friendship, talking about life and art, love and philosophy, creativity and freedom.
Antonio Nodal is a spanish artist, who has lived and worked a lot in Germany too. With exhibitions all over Germany and Spain. But I don't want to say much about his art here. You can find more about him and pictures on his site, and articles about his compelling lifework throughout the internet. So I'll let it speak for itself.

But what I want to say, is that it is more than moving, to meet a person who has been treated bad in his life (war, struggling, personal hurts) but instead of becoming cynical and cold, he spreads out so much love, passion and an amazing energy. His flat was stuffed with his work, his interest in life. So much to see and hear about. We talked and danced, laughed and drank good vine. He was inspiring!

Yes! That's what it's all about: Ok, you will get hurt in life, but it can make you strong. Learn to love, to share with friends, become creative, be passionate, don't care about what others think, be open for experiences and adventures. Antonio spread candor and love and lots of fun and energy.
Antonio, we all thank you for a wonderful time in Seville!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Lieber Antonio,

es war immer schön Deine Bilder zu sehen und Wein zu trinken. Wir sprechen oft von Dir.

Lass es Dir gut gehen!

Lieber Gruß aus Berlin, früher Bonn,

Kathrin Arias Rodriguez