Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

Lavique - Things Made With Love

This is about my sweetest friend Viki. She is a fashion designer and costume maker living and working in sunshiny Sevilla in Spain. Her work has playful, soft vibrancy... sweet dresses for fairies and dream-girls.

But the special thing about her creations, is the love she pulls into every detail: antique buttons and lace, handmade prints... all kind of cute little things make every single piece unique.

You can find more pictures from her recent collections, fashion-shows and projects on her blog:

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Lavique - Diseno de Moda y Vestuario Teatral hat gesagt…

hei! suprise suprise....toll!eine woche noch und ich bin da! yuhu!!!freu mich schon auf dich! besos