Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008

A Dress For A Friend

This is a dress i just now made for a friend. It was an experiment with a new pattern.

The main part is a long "L-shaped" form which starts, and after a right-angular turn, ends with the neck-hole. I made sure, front and back have a bias-cut, which gives the dress a smooth flow. I twisted the fabric in the "turn-part", sew shoulder-, and side-seams together and added a square part as a godet at the side.
Then i bond the dress tight with tapes, and dyed it grey, for a wild shibori-look.
I imagine it with shiny grey slim-pants or leggings and some fierce heels...


Karl-Edwin Guerre hat gesagt…

I like the pattern ... would love to see the dress on the friend to get the full effect.

marie hat gesagt…

yes, i hope she will model for me. a dress has to work on the body, not on a puppet.