Montag, 24. November 2008

Va Va Voom!

I am absolutely obsessed with anything about burlesque... I adore the style of the 40s... And i could just die for Ms. Van Story's pin-up pictures! She has worked with stars like Kitten de Ville or Angie Pontani. In between seduction and playfulness, teasing humor and dark fantasies, her set-up, lightning, colours and girls are just perfect.


Dominica hat gesagt…

I think every girl LOVES Burlesque !
It's erotic and beautiful at the same time...I adore what Dita von Teese is doing...she's always picture perfect...and she stays faithfull to her style !
The headpiece (in my blog) is to be found at Hennes...really !
The flower is a brooch ... a silk and velvet one...unfortunately, the shop where I bought them doesn't make or sell them anymore :-/

marie hat gesagt…

thanks for your comment! i am busy making headpieces at the moment, for a whiff of "chichi" in everyday life ;)
yes, h&m often has stuff that's great as a base for a bit of finery.

Terencesambowrites hat gesagt…

I loved the first pic with a pine-apple :o) great blog do drop by n check out mine :o)

Karl-Edwin Guerre hat gesagt…

Va Va Voom, is right. great post ...makes you wonder what happened to art in general.

marie hat gesagt…

thank you!
it's all about glamour and humor... as mrs diana vreeland said:"a little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprica."