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Sex And Marriage - 1894

This is too funny! well things have changed... but the result is the same, no?!


"TODAY great sex is seen as a vital part of a happy, lasting relationship. Bookshops and websites are packed with guides on boosting intimacy, igniting passion and getting satisfaction in bed. But in Victorian times, sex was seen as “at best revolting and at worst rather painful” and in 1894 vicar’s wife Ruth Smythers wrote a guide – now republished – that called it “something to be endured”. Mrs Smythers penned her book, Sex Tips For Husbands And Wives, to help young women facing “the terrible experience of sex” for the first time – and her main tip was to “give it little, give it seldom and above all, give it grudgingly”.

THE wise bride will permit a maximum of two brief sexual experiences weekly — and as time goes by she should make every effort to reduce this frequency. Feigned illness, sleepiness and headaches are among her best friends in this matter.

MOST men are by nature rather perverted, and if given half a chance, would engage in quite a variety of the most revolting practices, including performing the normal act in abnormal positions, mouthing the female body and offering their own vile bodies to be mouthed in turn.

A SELFISH and sensual husband can easily take advantage of his wife. One cardinal rule of marriage should never be forgotten: Give little, give seldom and above all give grudgingly. Otherwise what could have been a proper marriage could become an orgy of sexual lust.
1894: Give little,
give seldom
and above all,
give grudgingly

JUST as she should be ever alert to keep the quantity of sex as low as possible, the wise bride will pay equal attention to limiting the kind and degree of sexual contacts.

MANY men obtain a major portion of their sexual satisfaction from the peaceful exhaustion immediately after the act is over. Thus the wife must ensure that there is no peace in this period for him to enjoy. Otherwise he might be encouraged to soon try for more.

A WISE wife will make it her goal never to allow her husband to see her unclothed body, and never allow him to display his unclothed body to her.

MANY women have found it useful to have thick cotton nightgowns for themselves and pyjamas for their husbands — they need not be removed during the sex act. Thus, a minimum of flesh is exposed.

ONCE in bed, the wife should turn off all the lights and make no sound to guide her husband in her direction, lest he take this as a sign of encouragement.

WHEN he finds her, she should lie as still as possible. Bodily motion could be interpreted as sexual excitement by the optimistic husband. Sex, when it cannot be prevented, should be practised only in total darkness.

DO not encourage him — nudity, talking about sex, reading stories about sex, viewing photographs and drawings depicting or suggesting sex are the obnoxious habits the male is likely to acquire if permitted.

IF he attempts to kiss her on the lips she should turn her head slightly so that the kiss falls harmlessly on her cheek instead. If he lifts her gown and attempts to kiss her any place else she should quickly pull the gown back in place, spring from the bed, and announce that nature calls her to the toilet.

IF the husband attempts to seduce her with lascivious talk, the wise wife will suddenly remember some trivial non-sexual question to ask him.

SHE will be absolutely silent while he is huffing and puffing away — she will lie perfectly still and never under any circumstances grunt or groan while the act is in progress.

AS soon as the husband has completed the act, the wise wife will start nagging him about various minor tasks she wishes him to perform on the morrow.

CLEVER wives are ever on the alert for new and better methods of denying and discouraging the amorous overtures of the husband. Arguments, nagging, scolding and bickering prove very effective if used in the late evening about an hour before the husband would normally commence his seduction.

BY their tenth anniversary many wives have managed to complete their child-bearing and have achieved the ultimate goal of terminating all sexual contacts with the husband. By this time she can depend upon his love for the children and social pressures to hold the husband in the home."

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