Donnerstag, 13. November 2008

Junk Fashion

Junky Styling was founded 1997 by Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager in London. Their fashion concept is: re-use, re-creation, re-design, re-cycling. It's a statement against pure consumerism, for more individuality.
"CONCEPT - Everything produced by Junky is recycled from the best quality second hand clothing, deconstructed, re-cut and completely transformed into a new product that belies the former identity of the raw material. All garments are made in house or carefully outsourced locally. All products stocked in the Junky Store are either recycled, fair trade, made from organic materials or ethically produced. Junky doesn’t conform to fashion trends because they want to promote timeless original designs and offer a repair service to customers (that has in some cases helped garments last more than 5 years of extensive wear). The individual is the focus at Junky as they ensure no 2 garments are the same - they can be cut from the same pattern but the raw materials will always be different. Junky hope to inspire all their customers to look at their discarded clothes and general waste items with fresh eyes and a resourceful frame of mind."

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The Man Who Knew Too Much hat gesagt…

You've got sdome very interesting posts here. This Junk Fashion is a nice inniative, would like to see more designers using elements of this for several obvious reasons.