Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

Airmail With Daydream Nation

I love the designs of Daydream Nation. Always fun, lovely, exciting!!!
Here you see Miss Susie Bubble in one of their latest letter dresses.
But what really touches me is their attitude, their manifesto, the aim to search for poetry in everyday life. This is about the underestimated art of daydreaming.

Daydream Nation Manifesto:

kay and jing

Garments into Performance
Daydream Nation is the exciting collaboration between the Royal College of Art Textile graduate Kay Wong and the Central Saint Martins Theatre Design/Directing graduate Jing Wong.

To be inspired by legends and create new myths.

Our belief in life in objects has led us to design garments inspired and adapted from vintage clothing that contains stories and memories. Our garments are devised through play and manipulation with old clothes. Through play we create new myths for the clothes each season, resulting in visual catwalk narratives.

Daydream Nation manifesto
We love what is not spoken. We love dreams that foster in our heads.We believe that daydreamers are the lost children in the society, and that the creative potential of a society depends upon them.
Daydreamers are the missing link to the poetics of life of which our society is slowly neglecting. Daydream Nation is an attitude. It is a way of life in which people see boats in buckets and hear sea waves in radio glitches. Daydream Nation is a hope that someday people will respect a silly thought like one respects a great painting, and that one day everyone can share and enjoy the subtle shades of beauty in the everyday.
We hope that daydreaming will not become a minority game of the artists but a way of thinking that anyone can embrace.
Daydream Nation belongs to everyone.

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