Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

Pina Bausch - Life Dance

Pina Bausch passed away today at the age of 68.

She was one of the most unusual, stunning, fascinating choreographers I know. She gave dance a true emotional expression.

For her dance was not about art or ability, it was about life. Dance should be the language of life in all it's facettes. Movement as a mirror of what moves people. Her productions were a kaleidoscope of pictures, ideas and feelings, about plays and fights, lust and fear or about closeness and abscondence. She mixed dance, theatre, singing and all kinds of human expression, together with a fierce stage design, to a new beautiful yet unsettling visual and emotional experience. Her art was archaic and touching. She created pictures which somehow clung to you, came up again in your memory, with a meaning very personal but also universal.

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