Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

Isabel Toledo - Exhibition at FIT

During my trip to New York, I visited the current exhibition at FIT: "Isabel Toledo, Fashion from the Inside Out". A wonderful exhibition about a great designer. Her work from 1985 up to today is shown.

What really appeals to me, is that she sees herself as a seamstress. She likes to sew, to work with pattern and cuts, to manipulate fabrics, to use different techniques. There are small section drawings of the pattern, and the manipulating-techniques are explained. I really love it, when artists love the way of creating something, when you feel the passion for the craft.

Her style is very sculptural, draped and architectonic, but also flowing, feminine and simple.

Her husband the illustrator Ruben Toledo is responsible for all the paintings and sketches of her fashion. What a wonderful example of a Bohemia-couple: how they work together and inspire each other.
Ooh... and I want that studio with that VIEW!

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