Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

About Clayton Cubitt

I've lately been very fascinated by the photography of brooklyn-based Clayton Cubitt. He has done some very beautiful yet disturbing fashion photography, and some amazing portraits of people after the disaster of hurricane Katrina. And then there is his art, always struggling between too porn for art, or too art for porn...
I love the contrast between very outspoken, explicit sexuality and a very polished, elegant style. It's like a tribute to the beauty of the craft and the beauty of desire.

"Cubitt's beautiful body of works is a study in contrast of the irregular and irrepressible physicality of sex and his controlled, sleek sense of style. His work is gritty without being earnest or silly, and a playful yet mature intimacy in his approach to "adult play"." (more)

You can find a really great interview-film with him here.

The pictures here are from a serial called "Cream".

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HEK hat gesagt…

I didn't know this photographer, but I really like these pictures. Beautiful:) So thanks for the introduction:)