Montag, 19. Januar 2009

Dress Up, Guys

Some days ago I stumbled over this handsome guy: Mr Ozwald Boateng. And I thought I should take up the cudgels for bespoken suits. That means for real hand sewn, tailor made suits... Savile Row haute-couture. Mr Boateng is such a Tailor-Artist. He is known for his beautiful, perfect fitted suits in delicious colours. Suits are sexy! But only if they fit...

A "bespoke" suit is a custom-made suit. Every detail will be bespoken: style, cut, fabric. It will be drafted only for you, and hand-made down to the button-holes. The tailor takes your individual measurements, makes the cut etc. Then there will be a first fitting, were you check the fit, or come up with new choices. At the second fitting, the suit will be almost finished, it's just about details.
It takes almost two months to get a Savile Row-suit. But it's a timeless elegance you invest in. High quality, perfect fit and the best fabrics you can get, what else do you want?! OK it's expensive, but who needs a car??

The whole Boateng family seems to be skilled. I don't want to forget to mention his cousin in New York City: Nana Boateng, who designs suits too (found an interview here).

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