Freitag, 13. Mai 2011

Gone With The Wind

“The Curtain Dress, symbol of Scarlett’s will to survive, was worn in three scenes: the jail scene in which Scarlett asks Rhett for financial assistance, the scene in which Scarlett walks through the Atlanta streets with Mammy, and the scene in which Scarlett meets Frank Kennedy.

Also known as the Drapery Dress and the Portieres Dress, the dress has a moss green velvet over-skirt that parts in the front to reveal a chartreuse velvet underskirt. It has fitted sleeves with a semi-cape on the left shoulder and a drapery cord belt.The color of the dress presented Plunkett with several problems. It had to suit the color of Vivien Leigh’s eyes and it had to conform to Technicolor specifications. Furthermore, it had to look as if it were made from the draperies at Tara. So the dress was aged as if the sun had faded the material.

The replica of the green curtain dress worn by Scarlett O’Hara was made of 16 yards of Italian cotton velveteen. The silk tassels and cording were reproduced by Scalamandre of New York. The dress took over 200 hours to complete, from April 22 to July 8, 1986. The original is also housed at the Ransom Center.

Replication Project Director: Sister Mary Elizabeth Joyce, Incarnate Word College, San Antonio, Texas

Designers: Carrie Harrell and Jan Hevenor”

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