Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

What a Woman: Leonor Fini

Leonor Fini: Surreal Thing
She produced the most outré art, liked to cross-dress and had a penchant for living in ménages à trois. And yet, despite once being infamous around the world, Leonor Fini is all but forgotten these days.
"Marriage never appealed to me, I have never lived with one person. Since I was 18, I've always preferred to live in a sort of community - A big house with my atelier and cats and friends, one with a man who was rather a lover and another who was rather a friend. And it has always worked."
-Leonor Fini-
“She is magnificent, perturbing, mocking enigmatic, terrible and compassionate. She is Leonor Fini; painter of the surreal, illustrator of books, theater. Her art is the crack in the mirror, the edge of the equation, the dream of tremendous important half-grasped upon awakening, whose meaning dissolves with daylight.”
-Catherine Styles McLeod-

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