Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

Jewel Tools - Betony Vernon

Betony Vernon is one of my favourite jewelry artists. I simply love her work!!! She designs the most exquisite, beautiful, classy, elegant and debauch jewelry. Not only refine jewelry but also delicate tools, not only pleasure tools but a work of art.
For Betony Vernon sexuality, erotica and sensuality is a state of mind. It's about creating an mature, elegant and sensual sexuality, about engaging our body and our whole life as a temple and an endless ceremony of sexual pleasure.

Here you find an interesting interview with Betony Vernon on the importance of ceremony.


Fiona Timantti hat gesagt…

p.s. The little Tiger is on it's way! :)

Agnes hat gesagt…

WHERE DO I FIND THOSE HEELS??? I am in love with Betony Vernon and her fierce sensuality she exudes. Why isn't she a household name yet? I just saw her in an interview on http://stylelikeu.com and fell in love.