Samstag, 24. April 2010

J'adore Charlotte Rampling

Self-portraits with Juergen Teller and the incredible beautiful Charlotte Rampling for the book Louis XV.
She is one of my icons: bold, beautiful (showing that sexiness and beauty has nothing to do with age, but with your mindset), not afraid of taking risks, showing her erotically side, even the dark ones... yes she is incomparable!
A hotel room, passion, decadence, sex and debauchery...

“Charlotte arrived, and I was totally starting to sweat. She said, Now what are we going to do? I said, I’m going to show you what I’m going to wear. So I went into the bedroom, and I came out in these silver underpants. And she said, What the hell is that? I was smoking my cigarette, breaking out in a sweat. I said, Well, I was just thinking I could kiss you and fondle your breasts. She sat down and got herself a cigarillo. She didn’t say anything. The whole room was quiet for what seemed like months. I was, like, Oh my God, that is the most stupid thing I’ve ever said, how stupid was that? She just dragged on the cigarillo and crossed her legs, and she said: OK, let’s go. I’ll tell you when to stop. I thought, Oh my God, genius. I can’t believe I’m getting away with it.
A Cabaret scene from the movie "The night-porter" 1974, with a young Charlotte

And a scene from the film "Heading South" 2005, about female sexuality, male prostitution and the "north-south"-conflict.

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