Samstag, 20. März 2010

When Europe Meets Africa

The spring/summer collection "COCKTAiLeS" by Lavique, the label of the Seville-based designer, and my good friend, Viki. Playful, girlish and with a big love for cute little details as always. But this time she focused her designs on African textiles...
"COCKTAiLeS is a tale about Africa in Europe - a mixture, like a cocktail out of fabrics from different parts of Africa, like Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Senegal, South Africa,... combined with a European way of making patterns and design development.
And of course the very special and particular style full of colours and little details of the label LAVIQUE."

I love the idea of mixing textiles, skills, traditions and trying to show well-known things in a new light.

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