Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010


Be aware of this super-vivid-pattern-mix! Bright funky colors and Kenyan fabrics are the signatures of SUNO.
Max Osterweiss founded SUNO in 2008 in New York, and used Kenyan fabrics and kangas he had collected for his first collection. The idea is to make patterns and samples in New York, then bringing them to Kenya, where artisans create the fabrics and produce the collections in small workshops.
I looove the spring/summer-collection 09 (top-pic) made of vintage kangas: 1000 individually numbered one-of-a-kind pieces!!!
Below you see the winter-collection 010. East-African prints are still an important part of the design, but also other inspirations like Turkish fabrics or 70's style, find their way into the world of SUNO.

You can find more here or here.

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