Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

Eat It!

How To Eat A Guava

first rinse the fruit, rub the skin and inhale

make an incision with your eye tooth

a bite with a seesawing motion to break

that curved yellow moon surface

eat it

like you would kiss a longlost lover,

like you would taste the skin behind an ear

you cannot worry

about juice

separate the seeds from the flesh with your tongue

sift them down your throat

recall custard in expensive affair-soaked hotels

lemon mousse drowning the mouth in reckless garden sunsweat tussles

eat it

like you would plunge into a river in moonlight

like you would open your mouth and let the river in

like you would eat a stolen pear, a hot fig lush as a lovebite

eat it

like you would crush it onto skin, lower your head

confusing perfume with texture, tasting scent

under a collarbone, like you would lick a line of sweat up a spine

bite skin, flesh, seeds juice

eat it fast

like you were ravenous

parched, gluttonous, flushed with secrecy

eat it slowly

lick your fingers.

-Cate Kennedy-

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