Sonntag, 27. September 2009

Adorned Skin

I like tattoos... though there are so many horrible, cheap and mediocre tattoos, lots of people who don't understand the eternal aspect of this art, the deeper meaning of pain, stigmatizing and finding your individual/personal piece of art for your own skin. I guess every person gets the tattoo that he or she deserves. And some are amazing! Picture by Kishin Shinoyama

I don't remember were I found the picture of this Maori. I love his facial tattoo, the clear symmetrical lines, how it adorns the face in a beautiful and bold way.

I found this unusual tattoo long time ago somewhere on flickr. I like the lightness, the colors and the calligraphic style

Fashion-photography by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 2007, found on flickr.

I think white tattoos look amazing. Though it seems to be difficult to make, because the colors often don't really last, and often cause allergic reactions.

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Lavique - Fashiondesign and Theatral Costumes hat gesagt…

...hab grad nen bekannten getroffen der freiwillige sucht zum tätowieren...der lernt das grad ist aber echt zeichenbegnadet!!!interesse?
wann gehts denn los?