Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

A Thousand Kisses Deep

The beautiful film "La Fille sur le pont", with music from Leonard Cohen:

"1. You came to me this morning and you handled me like meat.You´d have to live alone to know how good that feels, how sweet. My mirror twin, my next of kin, I´d know you in my sleep. And who but you would take me in, a thousand kisses deep?

2. I loved you when you opened like a lily to the heat. I´m just another snowman standing in the rain and sleet, who loved you with his frozen love his second-hand physique -With all he is, and all he was, a thousand kisses deep.

3. All soaked in sex, and pressed against the limits of the sea: I saw there were no oceans left for scavengers like me. We made it to the forward deck I blessed our remnant fleet -And then consented to be wrecked, a thousand kisses deep."

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