Montag, 18. Mai 2009

DIY: Shirt With Fringe

Germany is slowly exploring DIY. And I was happy to find this blog: "the fashion diary" by Anna Frost. This week she is organizing a blog-carnival about DIY, connecting German blogs via their DIY-projects. You will find a lot of funny, exciting stuff here.
Here is a little DIY-project of mine: a fringe-shirt.
1. Take an old huge t-shirt, cut the top under the arm-holes and the seam.
2. Squash some acrylic-paint over the square.

3. Cut the square into stripes (rings) of about 1,5 cm 4. Attach some of the stripes to the neckline of an other shirt, in front and back. Cut their ends into a nice shape.5. Take a bunch of stripe-rings. You can cover the side-seams by wrapping a stripe around them.6. Then I attached the "necklace" with the wrappings to the shoulders of the other shirt.


FashionVictim // hat gesagt…

sieht cool aus :D

Anonym hat gesagt…

wow tolle idee sieht aus wie ein designerteil!

marie hat gesagt…

vielen dank!!! :)