Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

For The Eye - The Ear - The Heart

Some films go directly to my heart. Because of the pictures, because of the music, because of their intriguing romantic mood. The mood for love...

I love Wong Kar Wai's masterpiece. There is something magical about the atmosphere he creates in Hong Kong of the 60's. A story about longing, hesitation, and leaving. About feelings which are not meant to be.

The music... *sigh*!

But also the following heartbreak-story 2046 is a camera art-work. This story plays inbetween reality and fantasies, things that have happened, and things that will never be. About wanting to resolve sad loves, and not being able to let those memories go. About the wrong person, or the wrong timing.

And last but not least, the dresses. OMG wonderful, adorable, to die for...! Tight snuggeling Cheongsam-dresses from the 60's spread a fragil yet sophisticated sexiness. Or in 2046 contrasted with futuristic asia-couture for neo-punk-dolls.

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