Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

I Love You Fred!

Fred Butler is a set and accessory-designer. But what makes me kneel down in admiration is her bright, colour-sparkling, heartwarming, refreshing fun attitude. I love full-power monochrome styling. She is just speaking directly from my heart...

Susie Bubbles made an interview with her on Dazed Digital:
DD: Is it important for a designer to “Practice what they preach” – wearing their own clothes?
FB: I definitely think it makes life more worthwhile. That’s what leaves icons and legacies in our rich history. Why deny the future generations that joy? Why take yourself too seriously? If you have conviction in your work surely it should carry through in everything you do. Why separate your passions? I salute the Mary Quants, Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwoods of this world. Where would we be if they wore black Gucci suits? It’s not even about being outlandish. Jean Muir looked perfect in her navy crepe and beige lipstick. Having said all that I will let Christopher Kane off for not wearing his mini-dresses! But then he has Tammy (Christopher's sister) doesn’t he?

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